Are you looking to break free from old patterns and unhealthy habits?

Tired of seeing the same tips in every how-to article and thinking “those don’t work for me at this stage in my life”?

Searching for realistic advice of self care, mindful living, and navigating the adult world from someone who’s right there with you?

I’m a girl on a mission to help young people improve their daily lives and live undefined. I’m only 18 (the age I fondly refer to as an adult-in-training), but being homeschooled afforded me lots of real-life opportunities that allowed me to learn a lot about responsibility and self-motivation at a young age.

Through reading, listening, and learning from the people around me, I’ve been able to break plenty of bad habits (though I still have several more to work on- hey, no one’s perfect, right?) and form healthy ways of thinking and living that have helped shape me into a person I can be proud of.

I’m no longer defined by old patterns that may have felt good at the time, but in reality were just holding me back from my full potential.

And I want to help you get there too!

Every other week I’ll post tips, advice, and other little tidbits of information that I’ve picked up and implemented in my own life. These posts will cover a variety of topics, including self care, mindfulness and coping with mental illness, healthy eating and natural remedies, saving money, organization, and more! You’ll also see opinion posts about subjects I feel strongly about, as well as inspirational posts,roundups of my best-loved products, and some of my own experiences (because having an online diary is fun and I love oversharing- no, for real).

Obviously, I’m still learning about life; I don’t claim to be an expert in anything except sniffing out the place with the best pad thai within a fifty-mile radius.

But I want to share the things that have truly made a difference in my life, so that you can have a “wow, finally, something that works for me!” moment.

So that you can implement realistic, helpful strategies in your own life.

So that you can break free from bad habits, become your best self, and live undefined.

A little more about me:

  • I’m an 18 year old girl living in the midwest US with her family and two cats
  • I love to crochet; taught myself when I was 14 and now I run an etsy shop!
  • I’m an avid noodle enthusiast, but pad thai is my all-time favorite
  • As well as blog and run an online store, I work in a flower shop
  • I’m super into luxurious self care- face masks and bubble baths, anyone?
  • I’m super passionate about helping others live their best lives

I hope you’ll stick around and grow with me!

– Emily